Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RyanAir Boss Demonstrates People Handling Skills

Our perennial favourite Michael O’Leary, head of RyanAir, has been at it again. Never a man to be fazed by a situation or lost for words, he handled the appearance of a semi-naked man with ‘Exposing O’Leary’s Lies’ scrawled over his torso at the airline’s AGM with characteristic aplomb.

After being confronted by the environmental protestor at the meeting and ushering him from the stage personally, Mr. O’Leary released a statement: “I hope next year instead of a semi-naked bloke, they’ll send a semi-naked girl to the AGM. She would probably make as little sense as this guy this morning, but at least she’d be more attractive.”


Ken Dyer said...

Sounds like classic O'Leary. There was a recent list of his quotes published in the Observer. My favourite was on the subject of increased airport security checks; "You don't see the government confiscating lipsticks and gel-filled bras on the London Underground. Most of them couldn't identify a gel-filled bra if it jumped up and bit them". Brilliant.

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