Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heathrow Horrors

Those of you who've recently travelled through the airport regularly voted the world's least favourite and felt that the stress levels associated with the experience were extraordinary, now have some scientific research to back up what you've suspected. Research funded by a Luton-based airline (what a suprise!) revealed that a flight from Heathrow induces the same levels of stress as having a heart attack or being mugged at knife point.

Dr David Lewis and his team monitored four guinea-pig passengers' heart rate, blood pressure and psychological stress. The experiment showed that the passengers' heart rates reached four times resting levels and overall stress exceeded that experienced by Fomula 1 racing drivers or free-fall parachutists.

Crikey. If you were wondering what it feels like to be Lewis Hamilton, then all you need to do it book a trip through Heathrow.

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