Thursday, August 9, 2007

It Seems That Everything is the Airline's Fault...

It's amazing how everything is becoming aviation's fault. Not content with blaming aircraft for climate change, according to the Independent newspaper in London. "Cheap flights cause rise in skin cancer.' That's what it says on the headline.

According to their Health Editor, "It looks like a bargain - a cheap flight to the sun. But for thousands it is a one-way ticket to cancer. The boom in cheap air travel is not only harming the environment but also the health of the millions who fly in search of summer warmth. Soaring rates of skin cancer were blamed yesterday on the British penchant for holidays abroad involving long periods lying on the beach. Exposing large areas of pallid flesh to the midday sun is the surest way of triggering the lethal form of skin cancer known as malignant melanoma."

It wouldn't be our fault then for not heeding the warnings? You just have to love the way that everything is becoming 'somebody's fault' while nothing is ever 'our fault'.

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