Sunday, August 12, 2007

Light up (in the) Sky

The prayers of all flying smokers have been answered. Prevented from indulging their habit just about everywhere, they now have a puffing haven on board Smokers International Airways (SMINTair). The German operator will fly between Dusseldorf and Japan in a Boeing 747 equipped with a luxuriously spaced 138 seats.

Offering the chance to fly in the sort of environment enjoyed by passengers forty years ago, the airline claims to provide "the exclusivity of flying in the Sixties, dearly missed by so many." The aircraft has been fitted with "advanced air conditioning systems" to handle the fug, as well as two lounges and a bar serving oysters, caviar and champagne.

Such cossetting comes at a price, however; a first class return ticket goes for £6,765 and business class starts at £4,397. Still, if you want to light up a cuban in flight then it's the only way to go.

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