Sunday, August 5, 2007

Not The Mile High Club

In 2003 an American travel agency specializing in ‘clothing-optional vacations’ announced that they were organizing the first nude flight. However, according to the owners of the travel agency this was not an excuse for naughtiness. "Inappropriate behavior is not condoned," said James Bailey, who owns Castaways Travel with his wife, Donna Daniels. "This is not a Mile High Club, not a bunch of groupies or anything. It's just a fun flight."

The company chartered a Boeing 727, with 170 seats, for a week’s holiday for the nudists in Cancun, Mexico. The crew naturally remained fully clothed, and passengers checked in dressed and had to remain that way for take off. It was only when the aircraft reached cruising altitude that they got their kit off. Even then according to the travel agent. "Nude etiquette always requests you take a towel - you always have a towel between you and the seat," he said. Other precautions on the flight included the fact that no hot drinks or meals were going to be served on board – “to avoid those nasty little accidents.”

The Travel Agent, who books around fifty nudist trips each year said, "People are looking for stress relief. In a nudist environment, everyone is the same. There's no culture shock, no hierarchy of social strata, no caste system. Everyone is on the same wavelength."

The Federal Aviation Administration is taking a hands-off approach. "We have no regulations pertaining to nudity on board an aircraft." Does this mean you cannot be arrested on an American aircraft if you take your clothes off?

Anyone interested in checking out their, ‘clothing optional vacations’ can do so on the web; we’ll leave you to find the web address!

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The Federal Aviation Administration is taking a hands-off approach